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Building on Experience

In 1928, Isaac D. Thompson with Woodie M. Morris formed the Thompson Morris partnership and began investing in real estate in Houston, Texas.

Forty years later, Isaac’s grandson, Rodney L. (Rod) Madden launched his career and made his first of many real estate investments. Over the next forty plus years he established a strong reputation for recognizing real estate value and trends.

Built on this legacy, in 2016, the company adopted the Thompson Morris name and Michael T. (Todd) Madden, Rod’s son and Isaac’s great-grandson became president. 

Our team provides expertise in negotiating the real estate purchase, facilitating entitlements, obtaining approvals, designing and constructing improvements, property management and knowing when to sell the improved real estate. 

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Acquisition Experience

Based on decades of experience, Thompson Morris maximizes value in a project by using strong, fundamental real estate principals to make acquisition decisions. Thompson Morris not only conducts its internal research,  but also engages local experts of  various disciplines, including legal, planning, and engineering, to obtain third-party reports on the environmental, political, economic, and practical realities of development within a local context. These localized partnerships help Thompson Morris understand how the dynamics of growth impact a region’s real estate market physically because a sound land buying strategy requires a thorough understanding of how a region is planning for growth.

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Entitlement Experience

Relying on their wealth of experience to recognize the highest and best use of a property, Thompson Morris actively manages planning, entitlement, and other development approvals to achieve effective and value creating entitlements for each property. Thompson Morris examines  the  attributes  and constraints for each parcel, local market conditions, and applicable regulations and then develops, with the  assistance  of  external  consultants,  a  conceptual  land  use  plan,  which  is  the  basis  for  seeking development approvals.  With development approvals secured, the marketability of a parcel is enhanced because the land can be delivered to other end-users or developed in a less risky, less costly, and timelier fashion.
The team of external consultants used by Thompson Morris offers substantial expertise in the planning, design, and approval processes for development projects across the market area, making it a premier team with demonstrated efficiency in master planned residential communities, mixed use, multi-family, and commercial developments.

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Development Experience

Thompson Morris, led by Rod Madden who has over 40 years of experience in acquisition, planning, entitlement, and other aspects of real estate development. Although development regulations, market conditions and economics vary between metropolitan areas and individual submarkets, Thompson Morris approaches planning and entitlement and other aspects of real estate development in a consistent manner – as a partner in long-term growth  with the neighborhood communities, approving authorities, and elected officials.
Thompson Morris has extensive experience with the evaluation, acquisition, and entitlement of real estate and the development, operation, management, marketing, and disposition of real estate properties.

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